Why psychotherapy?


Psychotherapy can teach you to look at your world differently.  It will allow you to change your perception of yourself and therefore change the way that you interact with the world.  Old, negative and self defeating thoughts and patterns will no longer control you – you will know a new freedom.  Changing your thoughts and actions will also affect those around you – allowing you to make relationships stronger – or to end them



Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)  is an excellent way to work with issues like depression, anxiety, obsessive thoughts and behaviours.  When people are in difficult circumstances they often perceive situations differently than they actually are.   CBT helps identify the stressful thoughts and to assess how realistic they are.  When people learn how to think more realistically they are able to better manage the issues that confront them.  


I also use Mindfulness in my practice.  Mindfulness teaches you to calm your mind, allowing you to get some separation between yourself and your thoughts and emotions. 


My training at the Hincks-Dellcrest Centre in Brief Solution Focus and Narrative Therapy helps me to help you find quick solutions to daily issues that affect your life.



What I learned about myself as a client of a Voice Dialogue therapist had such a profound effect on me that I now use it in my practice.  It allows you to bypass the conscious mind to address the core issues that affect you.  Its effectiveness continues to amaze me.

I fit the treatment to the issue.  Often issues like depression, low self esteem, anxiety, and anger are rooted in early childhood traumas.  Adult Attachment Theory states that if we view the world as an unsafe place as a child we will continue to view the world as an unsafe place as an adult.  That is why it is important to work directly with that “inner child” to heal him or her.