I work within a solution-focused, strength-based, and anti-oppressive framework.


Skills learned in handling previous difficult situations are transferable but we often do not think that they are. A solution-focused practice uses and builds on the strengths that you have and teaches how to apply them for your present situation.


strength-based philosophy holds the core belief that everyone has their own strengths and resources.  We will identify what is going well, do more of it, and build on it.

‚ÄčThere are certain groups in our society and communities that hold power over others simply because they are in that group.  A practice that has an anti-oppression foundation ensures that you will feel safe and heard.  Part of our work together will be to ensure you know how to handle oppression in your life.


One’s religious and spiritual inclinations are often not considered in therapy.  However I believe that spirituality describes one’s relationship with life and is therefore an important aspect of therapy.  Anyone can improve their spiritual life in whatever form it takes for them.